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In 1989 our enthusiastic team of Ancient Egypt Tours started with organizing tours for people interested in an in-depth Egypt experience. With team members having more than 20 years of experience in the field of ancient Egyptian culture and organizing tours, we have grown out to become one of the most specialized organizers of fine-tuned tailor-made tours / events.

We love culture and sports. And we appreciate luxury and comfort. During our quality check-up trips we happily visit the excellent spas in the resorts to get rid of the sand and dust and let our tired bodies be pampered by experienced hands. And ... what is good for ourselves, we love to share with our clients. This resulted in Wellness Egypt Tours, a wonderful combination of ancient Egyptian culture with excellent Wellness treatments.

In Egypt the care for inner and outer beauty and wellness goes back to Pharaonic times. At the pharaohs' court as well as in the temples health and beauty were held in high esteem. In modern Egypt, we can enjoy Wellness treatments according to the latest insights and research. Fortunately the Oriental traditional beauty treatments with natural local products continue to be practised. Comforting and rejuvenating Wellness makes you easily feel at home and it makes traveling a very relaxed and more enriching experience.

As enthusiastic golf players we warmheartedly embraced the creation of more and more championship golf courses in Egypt and were delighted to add golf to the itinerary of our cultural programs. Egypt Golf Tours was born: a unique combination of excellent golf and ancient Egyptian culture. Please feel invited to play golf on Egypt's amazingly green courses.

As a small and flexible company, our focus is on personal attention for all of our customers, big and small. Our motto is that each and everyone of our clients is precious and naturally all deserve a VIP treatment. It is our honor and pleasure to ensure that our guests enjoy quality time during their entire stay in Egypt.

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